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Brass Faculty

Trumpet - Jerry Brooks

Jerry Brooks brings his 40+ years of performing and teaching experience to Classic Winds in Marietta. Jerry's goal is to instruct students in all styles and levels of music, to create an atmosphere conducive to instrumental music with flexibility to adapt to any musical situation. How to practice, what to practice, when to practice, how much to practice: these key elements will guide the student to develop theirs gifts and talents. Anything can be built upon a strong foundation which depends upon good tone production, flexibility, breath control, and a passion for creating great music.

Mr. Brooks holds the Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Georgia. He has played trumpet and flugelhorn, sang, arranged, written, produced and recorded for various local bands in the Southeast, as well as performing and/or recording with such groups as The Four Tops, The Temptations, Joe South, The Original Drifters, The Tams, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many others. He now teaches private trumpet lessons, and plays trumpet in the Cobb Wind Symphony, Cobb New Horizons Band, First Redeemer Church Orchestra, Macland Baptist Church Orchestra and is trumpet soloist/singer at Iron Hill Baptist Church.

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